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October 10, 2018

On Tuesday, September 4, students, families and faculty of the Susquehanna Waldorf School paused from the excitemen

September 17, 2018

As the 2018-19 school year begins, the Susquehanna Waldorf School is thrilled to announce Tim Altieri as their new Sch

June 21, 2018

“We LOVE to weed!” exclaim several second graders in Susquehanna Waldorf School teacher Rochelle Dietz’s class as they pluck the unwanted weeds from the soil at Heritage Creek Farm & Educationa

May 24, 2018

In Fiber Arts teacher Barbara Freiberg’s classroom, Susquehanna Waldorf School’s Class 7 students busily transform lengths of thread and swatches of fabric into playful marione